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Real Bride Kara

Wedding gown: Aura from the ZAKAA Couture 2020 Collection designed by ZAKAA

Veil: Aura Veil from the ZAKAA Couture 2020 Collection designed by ZAKAA

LOVE STORY: Clay and I knew each other during undergrad. We traveled in the same social circle and knew each other but didn’t talk much. After a couple months of knowing each other, he asked me out and we made it official a couple months after that. We were long distance for a few months after graduation since he was working in Richmond and I had started Graduate school in DC. He moved up to me and proposed a little over a year after that. He proposed in Nashville since we go there multiple times a year and made it a long term goal to move there. He flew my entire family in since the trip was supposedly just the two of us and needless to say, I was shocked and thrilled. We got married October 24, 2020, and moved to Nashville 4 days later!! We are so excited about how things have worked out for us and can’t wait for many more years.

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Real Bride Mckenzie

Customized Antheia from the ZAKAA COUTURE COLLECTION designed by ZAKAA

Custom Antheia Veil from the ZAKAA COUTURE COLLECTION designed by ZAKAA

Bridal Jewelry designed by ZAKAA

LOVE STORY: My husband and I met about a year and a half ago and we quickly fell in love. We had been talking about marriage for a while and to us there wasn’t a question about it, we were meant for each other. Wedding plans were already in the air when COVID hit hard, instead of waiting we decided that our day meant more to us than holding a large ceremony. We had a very intimate wedding with close family and it was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, and huge thanks to you ZAKAA for helping me get my dress ready so quickly, I’m not sure what I would have done without you! 

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Real Bride Jill

Wedding Dress: Rhea from the ZAKAA Love 2020 Collection designed by ZAKAA

LOVE STORY: Drew and I met via a blind date set up by mutual friends.  Nine years later after a 5 year engagement we had the most spectacular romantic wedding with our 4 kids.

SPECIAL MOMENTS: Our wedding was held outdoors at the Ocean  Course on Kiawah Island SC outside of Charleston. It was a spectacular day, although hot and extremely windy…two days before a hurricane came up the East coast. Our backdrop for our outdoor wedding and reception was on the green lawn of the Ocean course along the beach. The sunset was amazing. Having our kids as our wedding party was so special to us – we all had such a fun day celebrating! We enjoyed an evening wedding and reception celebrating our destination wedding with 65 of our family and close friends. 

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Real Bride Melissa

Wedding Dress: Customized Fit and Flare Wedding Gown by ZAKAA

LOVE STORY: Joe and I had heard each other’s names from various mutual friends over the years, although we had never actually met. He was roommates with one of my best friends (and bridesmaid, Sarah), and when we finally DID meet in May of 2017, the attraction was instant. We fell in love almost immediately, and it was clear to both of us that this was the real thing. He says that I make him a better man, and he has grown so much since we’ve been together. He brings out the best in me, and has shown love and caring to me and my daughter since day one. He proposed in March of 2018 on a hike at Bear’s Den (it was supposed to be in Santorini six weeks later, but he got the ring and couldn’t wait)! 

After a long engagement, we knew we were going to get married regardless even when COVID happened. We cut our guest list to family and bridal party only, and it was a magical and intimate day. Moments that stand out to me were when Joe said special vows to my daughter and gave her a locket with a rose on it. Also, the speeches were absolutely touching – there wasn’t a dry eye in the place! I really loved seeing Joe’s reaction as I came down the aisle in my dress, my goal was to make him happy cry 😉 and it definitely happened! The alpacas were also a huge hit!

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Real Bride Mistre

Custom Dress: Customized Tara from the ZAKAA Couture 2020 Collection designed by ZAKAA

Accessories: Tara Veil with ZAKAA Headpiece, earrings and bracelet

DETAILS: We had a beautiful outside ceremony and indoor reception for about 100 guests. The bridesmaids gowns and earrings were customized and designed by ZAKAA.

SPECIAL MOMENTS: Definitely walking down the aisle towards my husband having both my parents on my side, our grand entrance, worshipping/singing with our family and friends at the dance floor

LOVE STORY: We met at our mutual friend’s graduation. When we were first introduced, we didn’t think much of it, besides a little curiosity about each other. But later during the day, we both were interested, so a week after we met, we decided to go on a date. We had an incredible time. Even though it would have been easier to move towards a relationship, we decided to remain friends to first develop a friendship. After eight months of getting to know each other, my husband wrote me a sweet poem to ask me to be his girlfriend and I said “yes”. We became a couple and got engaged within a year.

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Real Bride Emma

Custom Dress: Kate from the ZAKAA Love Collection designed by ZAKAA

Custom Veil: Kate designed by ZAKAA

DETAILS: We had a beautiful, romantic venue that had a very regal feel. The ceremony was held in a church and we had around 250 people there.

SPECIAL MOMENTS: One of the most special moments was when my Dad walked me down the aisle and I saw the way my husband looked at me. The ceremony was beautiful and then seeing all of our friends and family afterwards and receiving so much support and love from everyone was amazing.

LOVE STORY: Our love story began in college where we became good friends throughout all 4 years. We met on the first day of school and were always friends but it was not until our 3rd year that we started having feelings for each other. I went to Italy for a semester which made it hard to do long distance and then to India for mission work.  We really knew that we wanted to be with each other but distance made things difficult. When I came back from studying abroad, Joseph asked me to be his girlfriend. We dated all through the remainder of our college and graduation and then in August 2019 he asked me to marry him.